Buy 16” x 20” “mini” giclee prints now!


mini “ has been captured by Rob MacInnis, founder of Brooklyn Archival and archival giclee prints made using archival ink and Epsom hot press bright 330 gsm archival paper. Image size is 16”x 20” and there is a white border around image.

More paintings here 

 I have only made 25 prints so it is a rare 1st ever 1st run! Shipping is an additional $5 and it will be mailed via USPS in a 2” tube protected with a sheet of glassine paper.

Fernin Blank is live improvisational songwriting using loopers and the visual and sound elements of painting along with percussion, vocals, bass, trumpet, and guitar.
Background story of the painting:  At Five Myles I created a crown painting and used the brush strokes as the rhythm backdrop for the songs that you’ll hear in the videos.  A few weeks after this Five Myles performance I was approached on the sidewalk in front of my apartment building by a petite black and white kitty(mini).  I brought her some cat food;  not surprisingly she showed up the next evening.  This continued for several weeks until eventually I was able to convince my girlfriend to let me bring her inside.  Naturally after staring at the crown painting for several months I started to “see” mini in it.  Soon after I used a little paint and a few brush strokes to “bring her out” to her full glory.
Please enjoy the making of “ mini "
Part 1:

Part 2: 


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