"Prophecies of Blank" is a 3 part series created and released this summer 2016 with some new paintings!

"Eyes of the Night"

"Cave Dwellers"
"Cave Dwellers" is the first in a 3-part series, "Prophecies of Blank." It expresses the possible outcome of our world continuing in its current direction without change. Nuclear and environmental destruction leaves a few lone survivors who will have to start all over and live as cave dwellers for many generations; all information, data, books, and religions are lost. Dark, I know, but we still can change our path.

"Worship Mountain"
Part 2 of 3, "Worship Mountain," is a painting of the future after humans have spent generations surviving in caves.  All information is lost including books, the internet and organized religion.  Continents break up as a result of fracking and nuclear blasts;  volcanoes erupt. The mountains are seen as the giver and also the taker of life.  We begin to worship them and build pyramids once again like our ancient ancestors did.  Humanity is forced to live in the present or face extinction.

"Purple Glacier" 
Part 3:  In a future dominated by man's greatest mistake there is a remarkable beauty in the glaciers stained nuclear purple.

"4 Dimensional Sphere Partially Unfolded" 


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