Who We Are released this fine Sunday night on the full moon.

Please download the audio free and share the video!

The lyrics were written on Dec. 25 2013. I was home alone while my baby was at work and these lyrics came in a holiday spirit. I chose "Its a Wonderful Life" because of how much this film means to my love Katrina and because of the films copyright history as well as its relation to the song.

 The film was a flop in the box office and after it entered into the public domain it gained popularity due to its continuous broadcasting through the holiday season. In 1993 it was swept away from under our feet due to a supreme court case pertaining to another film. A holiday tradition gone in a blink of the eye and barely anyone noticed. The film is still in the public domain though the copyright to the underlying story has been enforced by a major network. I believe when something enters into the public domain it should be protected at all costs. The public domain is there in the first place to protect artistic works and historical documents so they may benefit future generations. This movie exists in the public domain and I believe it still belongs to "We the people" and should remain a holiday tradition. Its a shame the Supreme Court system has used their power to benefit the few and take away from all Americans, what used to be a holiday tradition. Please download and view for free from the public domain and keep the holiday tradition alive!

The footage is remixed to the underling story in this song. Its about the divide between the rich and the poor and the misunderstanding and prejudices on both sides. Its about both of those sides reaching out and realizing that we create a better world when we work together instead of against each other. Its about the Universe responding. 


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