Clay animation mixed to live take of “Then it Went Away”

Welcome to the Fernin Blank website! Thank you for checking it out and supporting my new project. 

Tuned to 432hz - Verdi Tuning aka Scientific Pitch 

All Fernin Blank instruments are tuned to 432hz instead of the classic 440hz you hear in most music today. Italian composer Guseppe Verdi supported the idea that music should be tuned to this frequency and so does Fernin Blank! The earth resonates at 8hz and this frequency and multiples of it resonate in all nature. There are many theories about this worth looking into but I really like this tuning because it is a little easier in my ear. These last few months have been of great healing and whether or not tuning to 432hz had anything to do with it, its been a lot of fun to loop all these instruments and create new songs.

Free download!

Please freely download and share the audio recording from this take. All donations are greatly appreciated and will go toward upgrading the recording and performance set up. There are many more songs ready to go and I plan to record a 4-5 song set all in one take. This will be recorded by one of the best engineers I have ever met, Yohei Goto. Ill be filming everything and mixing in much more claymation to go along and will release each song individually and the performance as a whole. If anyone wants to help, has an idea or a good camera and wants to film please let me know.

I've managed to route into my looper nearly every instrument and having a lot of fun with it. Working hard to upgrade my set up for better sound and for venue performance but here is a little taste using the tools at hand. Each instrument and vocal line are layered on top of each other so as the song progresses so does the energy and intensity of the loops. The claymation was originally intended for another song and was a test run but I always loved the ruggedness of it and it fit well with a rough take of "then it went away". I thought it would be a nice way to share it and open up the website.

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